Why do I need a parenting coach?

During each stage of development children experience a variety of challenges or stressors. Each child reacts in different ways. When children act out and become withdrawn, irritable, agitated or have difficulties at school, the child and family need to develop strategies to guide the child through the difficult periods. The parenting philosophy with parent positive is to focus on the strengths of the child and family. Identifying strengths becomes the foundation of the work toward parenting solutions.

What types of issues can you help with?  

Dr. Kim Amer is expert in all developmental levels from infancy through adolescence. Issues can range from a fussy baby and sleep issues to school choices and high-school social issues. She is expert in children with challenges such as ADHD, chronic illness such as epilepsy or diabetes and asthma.


What do you do that is different than my pediatrician?

 Dr. Kim Amer works in complement with your pediatrician. She is not caring for the child's health. She is developing child and family strategies focused on coping with behavioral or developmental challenges.

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