Family Assessment for Special Needs Family

The first step in coaching families with children with special needs is a 2 hour in home assessment.  The assessment explores the family composition, structure, environment and the rules of the home.  The family environment is one of the most important factors in successful parenting.

Family Coaching Sessions

Family coaching sessions are done with the whole family or select members.  The sessions are 30 minutes by phone or 60-90 minutes in person.  The family coaching sessions may be done at home or in an environment that is mutually agreed upon.

Long-Term Family Coaching

​A family that has had an assessment may request a coaching session by phone or in person at any time during the child's development.  Each developmental stage brings new joys and challenges.  A "tune up" coaching session may help clarify the situation or assist with parenting decision making. Positive parenting coaching does not provide health care or medical care.